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Teaser radio spot for Jazzy

Jazzy Radio


Write a max 30 sec radio spot for Jazzy Radio, promoting their popular New Year’s Eve Party in Budapest.
About the radio: Hungarian jazz theme radio station aired online ( and in the Budapest region. Popular amongst upper-class people with higher education and a great cultural taste.
About the event: New Year’s Eve party called Jazzy Gourmet Szilveszter, hosted in the stylish Larus Restaurant in Budapest. Unlimited food and drink, live music and an extraordinary French gourmet menu cooked by Péter Várvizi chef and his team.
Target audience: 30yrs+ upper-class people living in and around Budapest.


Creative Concept

A young couple calls a taxi on New Year’s Eve, heading to the Jazzy Gourmet Szilveszter Party in great excitement. During a polite chat with the taxi driver, we learn that the man is very proud for buying Early Bird tickets to the event as a surprise for his beloved partner. The woman responds in a playful way, saying she “deserves it”.
The goal is to tease the listener in a way to grab their attention and make them feel a desire to be in the place of the couple. The spot is a fun kick-off to the campaign, ideally followed by a more informative spot, that recalls the event and the emotions triggered by the teaser spot.


[Wife] Taxiii! Taxiiii! (elongated, yet elegant) (some ambiant traffic noise in the background)

[Car] wrumm… (Arrives, slows, stoppes, the couple get in the cab.) (Upbeat jazz plays in the car’s radio, smoothly, only to give mood.)

[Driver] Jó estét! Hová vihetem önöket? (deep, kind voice of a man)

[Wife] A Larusba,(pause) kérem! Siessen, legyen szíves, már alig várjuk, hogy a Group’nSwingrerophassuk! (excited, little faster than normal, as if the wife and husband exchange a sparkling look.)

[Driver] Csak nem a Jazzy Gourmet Szilveszterre mennek? (deep, kind voice of a man, with playful curiosity)

[Husband] De bizony! Early Bird jegyekkelleptem meg a kedvesem. (proud, boasting)

[Wife] Szívem! Hát ennyi jár nekem!! (playful, easy, elegant)

Many thanks to Target Media, who recorded and edited the spot, and to Diána Nagy who cooperated in writing the script.