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We won the National Media Competition by OMD!

we won

OK, so when I’m not writing blog posts about clowns or attending lectures at school, I’m usually up to something more exciting. This time, my major project was a competition. Or two.

My semester was rather busy. I entered two competitions with some fellow brilliant minds back in September, and it turned out we’ve made it to the finals in both. Hurray! But that also meant we had to work a lot on our concepts and our pitches. That was exceptionally hard, as there was only one week between the two finals. Yikes!

The first one was a City Marketing Competition (Országos Városmarketing Verseny), focused on smart city concepts. All teams had to group up with a Hungarian city to work on a project together, making the chosen city a better, smarter place. We chose Ferencváros (the 9th district of Budapest) because that’s where our team lives, studies and works. Collaborating with the local government and some locally based companies and institutions (like Fradi, the local sports club) was a great experience. Despite finishing in 10th place, we’re dedicated to bringing our concept to life, especially after receiving so much positive feedback from the industry!

The other competition was the National Media Competition (Országos Média Diákverseny) organised by OMD media agency. The client was eMAG, the European e-commerce giant, and the task was to design a media strategy for the company’s 2018 Black Friday campaign. First, we conducted a complex market research to gain some valuable insights, then we planned the media strategy. Even though we’ve never done similar planning ever before, we knew our target audience pretty well thanks to our research, so we designed an integrated strategy using ATL and BTL tools based on our insights. Our hard work paid off, we won the finals last Friday, so keep your eyes peeled next November to possibly see our campaign ideas in the media! I’m thankful for the agency and the client for giving us such a great opportunity to test our knowledge, and also for our mentor who helped us along the way. I’ve spent my prize on a camera already, so you might be seeing some photography by me pretty soon.

All in all, I’m really happy to have grabbed these opportunities, and I’m definitely not going to stop here. The next step is international, as the L’Oreal Brand Storm has just kicked off, and I’m also excited about the AD&D New Blood Awards briefs out there, so stay tuned to read more about my projects in the near future.

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